Noxa Distributed Processing System

NDPS is comprehensive solution that helps big enterprises solve the problem of centralized data virtualization and at the same time satisfy the demands of physical decentralization. The common application is:

  • Large organizations with the vast network of branches, where the implementation of distributed transactions is business crutial.
  • Financial organizations that implement cost effective homogeneous transnational processing based on flexible Master Data model.
  • Industrial manufactures that need high-grade implementation of top quality data analyses on distributed landscape.  


The main idea of the architecture is to implement distributed computational environment based on sharding. Multiple nodes share the same logical schema of transaction data but different data sets. This approach allows designing and implementing a very efficient way of data processing environment. Write ahead log free, shared nothing cluster supports the broadcasting of micro transactions along the landscape. It allows providing the efficient way of change distribution rather than distributed transaction.

NDPS provides the set of computational algorithms that are optimized for distributed computing. 



Architecture basiscs

The topology of the entire system is designed to deploy mostly the same instances of data model on multiple data centers and provide the transaction processing between nodes. NXDPS is provided as a set of software components that includes:

  • BOS core libraries. The implementation of high performance non-blocking algorithms.
  • Business functional libraries. The implementation of all business functionality.
  • Entity description library.  Contains the relational model description.
  • ODATA binding library.


  • Noxa Smart Quire  plugin.

Business benefits

  • Single virtual entry point for distributed computational environment.
  • Unlimited vertical and horizontal scaling.
  • High performance distributed computations.
  • Agile software development process.
  • GUI administration tool.