The business oriented solution technology

Noxa Data Lab is a software development company focused on data integration and transactional data processing markets. The product portfolio is developed upon the BOS technology and its ecosystem. The solution is positioned as the cost effective alternative to traditional technologies and approaches such as RDBMS and BIG DATA. The key concept and business value are to provide organizations with extremely flexible data infrastructure, sustainable agility in maintenance and expansion.

Noxa product family combines innovative technology with robust software development methodology and helps data driven enterprises to elaborate their data infrastructure and business together. BOS is a combination of software components and data modeling methodology that encourage developers to design and implement relational transactional processing environments. BOS SDK provides software JAVA API and core libraries with the support of:

  • high quality and high performance computational environment for data processing,
  • high performance distributed data structures with non-blocking access,
  • data landscape layout and configuration,
  • partition management functionality,
  • sharding

The landscape and data model design is based on extremely normalized data in relational 7 normal form. Physically data is stored in underlying SQL ISO data base management system and distributed among multiple nodes in cluster. This approach allows eliminating relational anomalies and other negative impact of traditional database systems. From other hand, BOS strictly limits the data manipulation by physical INSERTs only, providing logical CRUD operations on denormolized views, aggregating data in memory. Denormolized view is very similar to the concept of SQL table and may be used for business logic implementation or very high performance data mart.

The BOS was born as the science rather than product. It utilizes the most durable and proven methodologies such as high performance computing and massive parallel processing. Since the data is always appended, never modified or deleted the computational engine does not block the system or even hardware level. Most of analytical functions are executed in parallel utilizing the number of CPUs as efficient as possible, as well as providing the unlimited opportunity for horizontal scaling.

NOXA family products

From our perspective, the product is ready to deploy software with limited set of functional requirements. It serves as a template that must be developed and expanded in iterations that are closely in touch with the business. We provide high quality software development service, 100% compatible with AGILE methodologies as well as flexible requirement engineering technique, that are intended to satisfy all demands of fast growing business. All Noxa products are provided as shared nothing-clustered environments ready for sustainable expansion and improvement for long life cycles.

All Noxa software products bundled with:

  • BOS core multi threaded libraries. In order to provide extremely parallel high performance operations and functions such as Join, Aggregation, partial Select, real time lookup on huge amount relational data we use BOS core engine, the software library developed and maintained by Nomura Research Institute (Tokyo, Japan).
  •  Noxa data virtualization service. The software component that allows flexible integration in customers IT infrastructure using ODATA protocol.
  • Noxa smart cache. One of the most durable in memory caching technology on the market. It provides unbeatable recovery and synchronization mechanism of in memory cache distributed among the cluster.
  • Noxa smart query.  The technology that helps to make the queries even more faster. It uses probabilistic algorithms to determine which node contains the requested data in memory rather then on disk, and route the computational algorithm to this node.
  • Noxa Data Management console. The GUI tool that gives a total control over the cluster. 

The products are different in the area of application and deployment topology.

NOXA Data Warehouse

NXDWH is designed to provide large and medium organizations with relational data storage with extraordinary data analytics functionality. The architecture of the system assumes a very basic set of parallel processing features but advanced partition management and in memory data caching for intermediate calculation partition based results. Starts with 8 thread parallel execution environment in a basic set up, it uses Noxa Smart Cache technology to dramatically increase the performance of computations. 

Noxa Distributed Processing System

NDPS is designed to consolidate benefits of physically decentralized with logically centralized data schema for large-scale environment. The topology of NDPS is designed to implement flexible and expandable data infrastructure that consists of dozens of nodes with the same schema but handle different data sets. It is a state of the art solution for large enterprises with multiple data processing branches, such as banks, financial organizations or post companies.